Friday, November 09, 2007

uninvited guest

uninvited guest
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The Asheville Film Festival is happening this weekend and as usual, I am not going to have a damn thing to do with it. This is partly because I am a reverse snob and partly because I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to films, as opposed to movies, which I will happily attend all on my own, particularly if they feature large creatures with teeth and/or laser beams, swords and explosions. If they have all three, hell, I'll drag my kicking, screaming friends along with me. Films, alas, have a shortage of these vital movie elements and often just have people talking at great length while they stroll around. Eeeurgh. I can go for walks and talk entertainingly without paying $7 for a ticket - which cuts horribly into my weekend beer budget.

Also, I work where a lot of the Film Festival takes place and thus I am exposed to rather a lot of Film Festival People and over the years this has taken its toll. I started out college as a Theatre Major but it only took one semester before I realized that spending too much time with Theatre People was going to turn me rapidly into a Serial Killing Major, so I switched to art, where the people were just as entertainingly moody but took more and better drugs and were less dramatic about all of it.

Anyway, the Film Festival People, have, with the expected amount of High Drama, set up a Gala in the courtyard where I work and they're milling around like bees. I wandered out into the Gala wonderland to smoke a cigarette and spotted a small film star sunning himself in a centerpiece, so I took his picture. I guess even jaded me has some paparazzi in her - but man, what a great candid. I wonder if the National Enquirer would be interested?


Edgy Mama said...

Are you going to share the razzi shot?

mygothlaundry said...

Hee, girl, you're looking at it!

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