Thursday, November 15, 2007

floating leaf morning

floating leaf morning
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It's snowing outside. I'm not sure whether to do the dance of joy or the dance which expresses coldness & sorrow at the advent of winter yet joy that spring will yet come again, which is cool, since I hate that fucking dance.

I can't quite believe it's snowing, though, because I had sort of figured that snow was over now that we were all living in the future with iPhones and stuff. I was all set to be sitting around the desert sands, selling my kidneys for a metal can of water and telling my mutated grandchildren stories about how when I was a girl, water fell from the sky and sometimes even froze! Guess that's been put off another hour or two. That is the problem with global warming; it's never there when you want it to be.

In other news, I'm going to Charleston again tomorrow. Yes, and I happily anticipate a great many more trips to Charleston and also many visits to Asheville from a certain Charlestonian in the next few months. It is truly amazing, y'all, how much lives can change in a really short amount of time. Mind blowing, even. But good.


Lee H. said...

I am so tickled to hear how well things are going with Mr Charleston. I've been following your comments here and on MeCha, but hadn't said congrats yet, so... congrats. A happy Fliss is a great thing to see. :)

rainbaby said...

Yes, the winds of change are a-blowin' - have fun and revel and dance the Charleston!

Jennifer Saylor said...

I am delurking to say YOU GO GIRL!!!