Sunday, November 18, 2007

folly beach and sandpipers 2

Hi. I'm back. It was the best weekend ever, except for the weekend before, which was also the best weekend ever, shortly to be followed by next weekend, which is going to be, yeah, the best weekend ever. And I'm in love. Yes, there is a new and fundamental and important and really fucking great change here at Hangover Headquarters: I have a boyfriend. For the first time in well over 7 years, y'all, I am seriously dating someone and, well, it's amazing. And he loves me back. Yeah. I know. I can't believe it either. I have turned into a puddle of rainbow colored goo. I am so happy. It feels extraordinarily right. This happiness thing is absolutely fantastic. I mean, wow.

It happened fast but I tell you what, there are times when fast is okay. For one thing, by the time you get to be my age, or M's age (his name is M. Well, I mean, not literally M like he only has an initial, but we'll call him M for now because, quite frankly, my brain is also a puddle of rainbow goo and any name I might come up with now is sort of guaranteed to embarrass both me and him later, hee) you pretty much know in the first ten minutes whether it's going to work or not. I think possibly that if you don't you may be fooling yourself, because we sure as hell knew right away or at least within the hour. And, then of course, it isn't really fast if you consider the 20 years since the last time we broke up (long story. Let's just say that the third time is a charm.) which we spent growing up and getting our shit together and our yayas out and having the world adjust itself so that we could be where we are now, which is fantastically, amazingly perfect.

This is possibly the first time in my whole life when anything has just felt so right on so many levels. There's nothing wrong with this picture: he's my age and he's employed and talented and brilliant and single and you know, so am I all of those things and, well, and. I know, I'm boring everyone, but y'all will just have to put up with some gushing for a while. Maybe forever.

the new, improved, happy felicity


Edward said...

OMG, congrats on the BF!

mygothlaundry said...

OMG like totally thanks! I know! I am turning into a teenager! And kind of a dingy one at that, OMG! I am in love! It is awesome!

MissPinkKate said...

Woo woo! You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy days!

taz said...

whoohoo, happy girl & happy boy! I'm toasting you with champagne (accompanied by fancy crackers with rainbow goo spread! Yum!).

arratik said...


i'm buying you a celebratory beer next time i see you!

Edgy Mama said...

Great, fantastic, rainbow-colored news!!

A from the 'burg said...

What the hell??? I'm not paying to read about a "new, improved, happy Felicity"! Where's the snark? Where's the bitter cynicism balanced with witty observations? Is this what we have to look forward to: "... and I was all, like, you know... and he was all, like, well yea... and he's just soooo cute!"

kidding, just kidding... I think it's great. I was telling L on Friday "I think Felicity has a boy friend" and I was right!

Gordon Smith said...

What? He's your age, employed, artistic, and loves you back?

It's all just too perfect. When are you going to tell us about the baby arm growing out of his back or his thrice daily penchant for croakingly performing Three Dog Night's "Joy To The World"?

Kelly said...

I, too, am delurking to say Hooray! Felicidades (congratulations) and buena suerte (good luck) to a supersmart and funny individual!

mygothlaundry said...

Dude, the baby arm just adds to his charms!

thanks, y'all. I am all happy and shit. He is all happy too. This is so great. I will try to make with the snark again soon but for the moment? The sky is blue and the leaves are orange and the moon is ooooh, so beeeyooteeful and, well, yeah. This is my brain on love. And hey! Even the silver lining has a silver lining: I get to travel back and forth between the two most beautiful cities in the US on a regular basis. Yay! ;-)

rainbaby said...

Yay! The first ten minutes thing is definately the way to go in all things, especially love.

PA_Lady said...

See what happens when I'm too sick to even think about getting on the go and get a boyfriend! Damn flu bug.

I'm totally late to the party, but "Woot!" and "Congrats!" anyway.