Tuesday, November 27, 2007

project 365 #330: morning sky

Naturally, I have caught young M's virus. This has made me miserable, since it's another of those stupid mystery viruses (virii?) where you don't have a whole lot of definable symptoms but you still feel like shit and your throat hurts and you sleep on and off all day or read bad novels about vampire killers. Not only do I feel like shit, I'm gobbling, since I have at this point in a desperate attempt to be good, eaten about 5 metric tons of leftover turkey. Apparently there was some kind of hideous family drama that I was completely oblivious to (after cooking and cleaning for 2 days, I'm sorry, but my reward, nay, my clear duty, is to get drunk and make goo-goo eyes at M and any conversations after about 6:30 pm passed me right by) about the leftovers at my house. I wish they had all gone away now: I really, really do. I don't want to eat turkey or stuffing ever again and tomorrow the dogs are getting their thanksgiving feast, thank the gods. Hopefully it won't all return on the living room carpet. Eeerp.

I've been knitting a scarf for M. He said he needed a scarf so I promptly set out to make him one, filled with that new girlfriend zeal. It turns out that young M (yeah, this nomenclature is unwieldy, to say the least, but we'll all just have to get used to it) has strong opinions on scarves and their suitability to the two genders. In other words, manly men can only wear manly scarves and the fuzzy chenille thing I'm making (I didn't have enough new girlfriend zeal to actually make it to the yarn store) doesn't cut it. "Like I should knit this out of barbed wire?" I said, "Rebar and concrete blocks?" "Plaid," said young M, "is okay. But that's it."

I asked for clarification on the male scarf versus female scarf at a small dinner party in honor of Z's birthday last night. Turns out this is a subject on which many men have opinions. Here I was hoping that M, being older than 16, wouldn't feel quite as threatened by fuzziness but I may have been wrong about that. "Square," said Z helpfully, and he shaped a vague rectangle with his hands, "You know, straight edges." Hmm. I've never been good at straight edges (of any kind) and my scarves are notoriously fickle in the width department. Also, this one is sort of striped. And definitely fuzzy. Maybe I'd better go to the yarn store and ask for the manliest yarn they have.


Edgy Mama said...

Sorry you're sick. Get better soon!

We've had about five different cold viruses and strep throat run through our household over the past month. I just hope the kids stay well for Xmas. But they probably won't. Someone always barfs on Xmas Eve or Xmas day. Maybe it will just be the pets this year.

zen said...

The truth is M will love whatever you make for him and as long as it isn't pink with those colorful strandy foofies woven into the yarn - and it's warm - he'll wear it with pride.

Jennifer Saylor said...

BTW if your zeal rises, "Deep Earth" Divine yarn with cream-colored Homespun makes a woodsy, outdoorsy scarf with a great texture.