Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Poems of Self Pity

I thought my umbrella was in the car
But no,
It was already in my office so I
Got wet
I am too cool to wear a raincoat.

I forgot I had said I would
Go out to dinner tonight
And now I can't
But not for fun reasons
Because I have to go see my mother
Because I have to help my son write an English paper
And because, god help me, I have to go to a large
and evil store
to buy sweatpants made by depressed Chinese children
Wednesdays suck.

All my clothes today
Came from LL Bean
And they look it.
I used to be hip
But alas, no longer.

1 comment:

shadmarsh said...

You know I consider it a shame that women no longer wear bonnets.