Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm Still Alive

And I know, I haven't been blogging. Let's see, what have I been doing?

Well, I've been taking and posting a ton of pictures. And I've been working a lot - on Friday night alone I managed to cover myself and most of the office in copy machine toner, so you know I've been accomplishing simply tons of useful work. I went to Drinking Liberally last Thursday - there are pictures. I went to the Flying Frog on Friday evening, which was nice and then I had my tarot cards read today at the Lexington Avenue Arts Fair. The tarot card lady told me basically the same stuff that my therapist keeps telling me, which is either awesome or scary (you pick) and then, last weekend, in a most blog worthy but as yet unblogged episode, I had the everliving shit scared out of me by a balloon, so you know, life goes on.

I got the balloon at the Hendersonville Apple Festival; it was a standard issue blue helium balloon that said True Blue Democrat in white letters on the side. Very nice. I had it tied around my wrist, which made me feel about six, but you know, whatever: we Democrats are so full of childlike glee and stuff. I brought the ballooon home and let it go in the dining room and forgot all about it. I went to bed and then, about 3 in the morning or so, I woke up in total darkness to this weird and terrifying FWAP FWAP FWAP noise. I opened both my myopic eyes wide, already freaking out a bit, and a blue orb swooped down directly at my face at superhuman speed.

I stopped screaming eventually, having lost several years off my life, to realize that the accursed Democratic balloon had somehow mysteriously made its merry way into my bedroom where it had gotten stuck in the ceiling fan (hence the FWAPping) which managed to propel it into my eyes just as I opened them. Well, either that or the spirits of Democrats past were having a nasty joke at my expense, or possibly the almost certainly Republican resident ghost was moved to political commentary. Maybe my poltergeist is actually Lyndon LaRouche. One may never know, but from now on all balloons in this house, particularly political ones, must be kept safely under lock and key.

In other breaking news this evening, M has a cold and is miserable; A is working all the time and I never see her and Theo is moping because he doesn't get walked enough. Same old, same old around here. Go look at the pictures.

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