Monday, February 27, 2006

Working At Home

This is brilliant. I am working, at home, in my gnome pajamas. And if it weren't for the fact that a mysterious draft keeps making my mouse hand numb with cold (I suspect the hole that the otnay ootay ightbray cable guy drilled smack dab in the middle of the wall when he hooked my house up to the internet) I would be pretty much completely cheerful. I think I've found my metier, my career, my interest: sitting right here in front of my monitor fussing about with little images and text and making it all fit in the right places and the links show up the right colors and so on.

Okay, it is true that all this staying home is not exactly good for my social life, but on the other hand my friends are beginning to come to me. 2 of my friends showed up unannounced on Saturday evening for a short visit; A says she bets they were wondering if I was dead or not. And on Saturday, I grant you that the difference between death and life was a little slim. Good thing that I was wearing my velour lounging pants - not quite pajamas, but awfully damn close. Well, hell, it was only 6:00 pm or so.

Given my introverted habits, you'd think that I'd at least clean up once in a while. You would then be thinking wrong. The house is getting pretty damn bad and I need to whip out the Fabuloso, that evil, evil bright purple mexican cleaning stuff, and attack the kitchen floor before it achieves sentience and starts building temples by the stove. Then I will have to flee for a while, because Fabuloso takes its cleaning job seriously and includes an overpowering fragrance that certainly smells like it's wiping out all germs, not to mention other forms of life, like mine, in about a quarter mile vicinity. I recommend it highly. You really know, and I mean, you really know, your house has been cleaned when you use Fabuloso.


Frisbee Girl said...

There is nothing, nothing, NOTHING like Fabulouso.

mygothlaundry said...

Yeah. I did the floor yesterday and fled the pungent & penetrating Fabuloso odor. I came home almost four hours later: the house still reeked. It's amazing. But my floor looks SO much better.