Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stupid Bloody Weather Anyway

So my mom called me yesterday and told me that there was going to be a ginormous snowstorm that was going to cover Asheville in drifts of the deadly white stuff and I had better do my part as a citizen and get down to the Ingles to buy unnecessary items in a frenzy of snow driven consumerism. Have you ever noticed that the threat of snowstorms drives people to buy white things? Milk, toilet paper, Wonder bread - downy white, fluffy, and snowlike. Yesterday I still felt horrible and unable to do anything but lie on the couch, watch Blade Trinity (better by far than Blade 1 or Blade 2, I must say) or play Bookworm but around 6:00 I decided, well, if it's going to snow I had better have some whiskey and apple cider on hand anyway. I hauled my unlovely self out the door and duly made my purchases, came home, mixed up some ginger/lemon/echinacea/makers mark germ killing wunderbeverage and watched the entire first disk of Battlestar Galactica. I went to bed happy and waiting for my snow.

Still no snow.

Still no snow.

A whole lot of loathesome rain, though, and as usual Theo and Mr. Bill think I should change the weather. I think so too and I'm wondering about my chances in a lawsuit against the national weather service for causing me undue pain and suffering, not to mention the $23 I spent on good bourbon that I would never have bought without the threat of blizzards. I still feel a little gruesome, by the way, but I now accept it as my natural state. Also, just to brag, I got over 400,000 points on Bookworm and the rank of Wordhoarder, which may or may not beat my previous high score of Lexicographer.

Anyway, driven by rainy day boredom I googled around to see if it was snowing anywhere, and found some nifty local webcams, including this unlovely one from the corner of Haywood Rd. and Patton Ave., which is one of our less scenic local intersections, although according to the webcam people it is the 2nd busiest in Buncombe County. For the record, I do not believe this, and I drive through it several times a week at least. Then there is this view of Mt. Mitchell, note the acid rain decimated pine tree, and a really cute one of a birdfeeder in Blowing Rock.

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