Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bad Non Blogging Me

Yes, it's been two days. I've been in suspended animation, what can I say? No, not really, but I wish. You know all my financial problems could be solved if this whole family, me included, would just go into cryonic freeze for a year or so, but alas, they resist this suggestion, bless their non science fiction reading little hearts. I mean, if it's good enough for Walt Disney, it should be good enough for us, but no, we all just persist in the terrible cycle of life: buying food, eating food, buying toilet paper ~ you get the idea. And I will never buy toilet paper from the health food store again, because okay, it's recycled and guilt free, but a 4 pack only lasts about a week, and that's just wrong. So very, very wrong.

I have really been kind of working, people, be still your hearts. I've been using my newly acquired mad dreamweaver skillz to update a local website and in actual fact it's been a lot of fun. Look for a hideous new template on this blog, coming your way soon, or whenever I get around to creating one. Now that I know how to do this stuff, oh boy oh boy. I could have me some reeeeeealll fun. Heh.

Sunday night we watched this amazing movie: Silver Hawk. This movie is so amazing that it can erase the memory of a Herzog/Kurosawa film festival like that. It is so amazing that it has Michelle Yeoh fighting bungee jumping ninjas, which turns out to be a fairly inefficient way to fight, given that the cords keep bouncing you the wrong way, and also the protective gear you have to wear kind of destroys your sleek ninja coolness, but whatever. Michelle Yeoh, people. Fighting bungee jumping ninjas. And leaping onto her motorcycle in a way that made me cringe and thank god she isn't a boy, but even as a girl, um, ow. All this takes place in a crazed futuristic universe where everything is made of silver and glass, go go boots are back in a big way, as are technicolor wigs, and, almost best of all, her house is, apparently, 4 stories tall but only 10 feet wide. Rent this movie. It's like the Power Rangers grown up, only even more awesomely silly.

But, okay, enough stalling - the terrible truth is: I've been hungover. I was so hungover yesterday that I barely got out of bed, and then only to worship the porcelain god, if you get my drift. This is not good. I recognize the general not-goodness of this, thanks, and have plans to radically restructure my lifestyle and all that good shit. Namely, I think I'm allergic to microbrews. My friend J points out that whenever this happens to me it involves microbrews. The kicker is, I really didn't drink all that much on Monday night. I mean, okay, I obviously drank more than I should have, but no more than I've drunk on many another occasion and been fine, or at any rate fine-r, the next day. I even drank a bunch of water and took an alka seltzer before bed. But, no matter, all day yesterday I languished and barfed. I hate this. I think I'm too old to drink. I think I have learned all that beer had to teach me, or something, or perhaps my liver has finally kicked it. But I'm back now. Yes. I am back.

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