Friday, February 24, 2006

National Bad Driving Day

Well, it's national bad driving day again, folks, and I hope you're out there doing your part to keep our nation's highways and byways the terrifying things that they are. I confess, I had completely forgotten that it was NBDD today myself; I had absolutely no idea until I just went out to lunch at Zen Sushi and on the way there and back I encountered a whole lot of people celebrating like mad. Who knew? They should publicize these things better.

There were no less than three people who did that sudden "Oh wait, I want to turn left here, so I will, never mind that I'm in the right lane and haven't turned my blinker on" and there was their cohort, a lady stopped in the left lane with her blinker on who suddenly decided that the direction she really needed to go was right and so, you know, she did. Grandma and Grandpa and all their friends were out on the highway, zipping on by at a highly dangerous 40 mph, accompanied by a minivan from Indiana who apparently missed that day in drivers' ed where they covered merging off the exit ramp and/or looking out your windows.

Seriously. All this and more happened in 2 10 to 15 minute drives, from my house to Zen and back. It's amazing that I'm still alive, but I guess I should track these federal holidays more closely. I'm supposed to go out tonight, Bowling with Bloggers, but even though the bowling alley is not far from here, I'm a-skeered, y'all. It's wild out there, and the spring Running of the Tourists hasn't even begun yet. Whether I make it or not, I would like at this point to offer you this song but I haven't figured out how to link an .mp3 to a blog entry. Yet. So you will have to be satisfied with this small sampling.

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Frisbee Girl said...

So...did you go bowling?