Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow and Holidays and Stuff

This is a picture of Jane, my friend C & S's dog. She began life as a small scruffy Baltimore puppy but when they took her to the high altitude and clear air of the Rockies, she became this huge, fluffy, wonderful mountain dog, thus proving that environment is all, or something. Anyway she came to visit us along with her people for three fun filled days and now that she has gone Django is sad. They bounced without ceasing.

So I've been busy. Old friends visiting and my younger brother is staying with me as well, although he took off to Atlanta for a few days before reappearing with a CD of his friends' band and a frighteningly unabated yen for Jethro Tull. And then apparently Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow, good god. We're going to do it at my daughter's house this year and as always it will be open to waifs, orphans and strays so if you fit into one of those categories and/or just want to eat a metric shit tonne of fantastic traditional Thanksgiving food, shoot me an email and I'll give you directions. Dinner is, I believe, at fiveish or sixish. I can't remember. Without my mother, we haven't had the traditional Thanksgiving Summit Meeting and it's all a bit kerbobbled. I think we can do it without a summit meeting - particularly since it's going to be at A's house, which means I get to leave after dinner and she gets left with all the dishes, bwah ha ha ha - but I might be wrong and forgetting something crucial. Let's hope not. I went to Sam's Club last night in the rain and bought a giant bag of cranberries and some feta cheese, which isn't featured in Thanksgiving but which is always good to stock up on anyway.

It snowed on Friday as you obviously know if you live here and of course everyone panicked at the veritable blizzard - I think we got like half an inch in Asheville, whoa - and all the schools shut down. This caused C & S to emit smirking noises of disdain since they live in a place where schools don't close unless there's like seven feet of snow, but I thought it was quite awesome. I got to stay home and run around and get things done and then have everyone over for curry and roasted vegetables, which was fun. It was supposed to snow again today but alas, it did no such thing. Oh well. A snow day in November is a promising start to the winter.

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