Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie and More

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I can't quite wrap my head around it somehow and my body, which is rapidly developing full on cold symptoms (don't tell my daughter; she'll get hysterical and maybe I can echinacea delay the full onset somehow) seems to agree. I kind of wish I'd suggested just doing Chinese this year and watching every James Bond movie ever made or something. Unfortunately, watching TV or movies entails going downstairs into the Lair of Young M, which I'm still determined is actually the family room but which actually seems to be more, well, the Lair of Young M, even though I hung up a bunch of Indian bedspreads to emphasize the separation between bedroom and family room. Somehow, though, and go figure, Indian bedspreads + lava lamp + bubbling lamp + papasan chair + lots of blankets all over the place + soda cans + Django, who has decided he also is a teenager, seem to say Frat House more than they do Family Room. Go figure. It's actually pretty comfy down there, though, you just have to make sure you have a native guide, which is to say, Young M.

We went down there last night and watched Wall E, which none of us had seen before. As usual when I get all fired up about a movie and convinced that I'm going to love it beforehand I found it underwhelming. It was cute, but, well, yeah, cute. Just cute. The QOB was not impressed which I guess I should have expected since she's just not of the generation that grew up with robots and thus I think there's sort of an empathy thing missing there. My generation, on the other hand, is totally used to finding robots the most sympathetic and kindly beings out there in an uncaring universe - hell, some of us formed sad attachments to toasters and the like, not that I, despite cherishing my panini press, talking to the coffee machine and getting all verklampt at the thought of trading in my ancient and rattling Saturn, am like that, no, not at all. Still, though, the Wall E and Eve romance left me a bit cold as well. It's nice that they can hold hands and all but, you know, where does it go from there? I'm not sure their parts are all that interchangeable if you know what I mean.

Well, happy thanksgiving and all that. Perhaps I will pop by tomorrow with a no doubt too much wine taken update on the glories of our dinner. Huzzah. Yeah.

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