Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election, Whee!

Well, I got up this morning and voted. Not right away - first I went to the park where I used to take the dogs every morning which is now, sadly, a little too far away for me to go every single day. I ran into some dog walking friends there and we talked about how excited we all are about the election, about Obama, about finally, for almost the first time in our lives, having a candidate to vote for who we actually believe in, as opposed to doing one of those, oh well, lesser of two evils things. I liked Bill Clinton, now, don't get me wrong - but I love Obama.

Then I went home and showered and all that and went on over to my old polling place. This was, okay, yes, very slight election fraud - I haven't changed my address in the two weeks since I moved across the neighborhood and I admit that when I ran into my old friend E at the polls I was really hoping she wouldn't say very loud in front of the poll workers "How's the NEW HOUSE on the OTHER SIDE of West Asheville?" and thus disqualify me. Fortunately, E & I have been through weird circumstances aplenty in our lives, so she was of course totally cool. And I filled out my paper ballot and colored in the oval for Obama and the one for Hagen (fuck you, Libby Dole, oh queen of carpetbaggers) and the one for Heath Shuler, who, while ineffective, is at least not batshit insane and also, hey, cute.

So I'm feeling all citizenly and excited today: my heart keeps thumping a bit and I'm obsessively checking political threads and proudly wearing my I Voted sticker, even though I forgot about going to Starbucks to get my free coffee. Drat, because even though it is unpopular to admit it, yes, I do like Starbucks coffee. I think, however, that I don't need coffee, what I need is something calming and in that spirit I offer you A BOX OF PUPPIES which is possibly the cutest thing ever in the history of the universe. Good thing I already have dogs, one of whom ate a plunger yesterday - fortunately, I recently inherited several plungers, Mom was always prepared - and therefore I'm somewhat immune to puppy cuteness. Somewhat.

Anyway I'm sure you've already voted but if you haven't GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AMERICAN SLACKER and get out there and vote and keep your fingers crossed because oh god, oh god, I really don't want to be sitting again at Broadways like I was four years ago, watching the map turn red in horror and fear and loathing, no, instead, tonight, I want to watch that map turn all blue and then I can believe again in sanity and intelligence in this country again. Oh please.


Schuyler said...

So what is going on with those vote counters in North Carolina? ...still not a blue state or red.

Anonymous said...

It's Liddy Dole, and I was soooo happy to see her go down in flames. Way to go NC!
Hopefully yours,
Andy from the 'burg