Thursday, November 20, 2008

Re Connections

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Some of my oldest friends - C & S and their son V, I have known C for 22 years, holy shit - are visiting us. They got in last night around 10 after driving apparently faster than the proverbial bats out of hell, all the way from Colorado in around 26 hours. Good god. I couldn't do it. They'll be staying a couple of days, not long enough, and I have to work these two days, of course, so the moments are precious and I stayed up way too late with them. They also brought their gorgeous dog Jane, who somehow has morphed over the years from a tiny abandoned Baltimore puppy to a giant furry totally Colorado huskie/wolf looking creature. She is sweet and full of energy and Django is either terrified or in love; it's hard to tell. Theo thinks she is Too Young and Should Calm Down and all this Young Dog Stuff is Overrated. Yes, he does think like that.

Anyway, seeing them is fantastic and it's exciting to be showing off my new house. And then on the computer, I actually got a message from an old friend, E, who used to live in NY and with whom I worked long long ago in a galaxy far far away (yeah, Baltimore, it's extraplanetary) and discovered that she has a blog! It's an awesome blog, too, and I've been reading it in bits and pieces and wow, you know, it is wonderful to find and reconnect with people you love and haven't seen for all these long ass years. Even if it does make me feel kind of old. Or maybe that's just all the beer.

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