Sunday, November 02, 2008

Now It Is November

happy party blur
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It was an awesome party. So awesome that I didn't really get moving again until 6:00 Saturday evening, at which point I took young M and the QOB to Asiana Grand Buffet, which is the QOB's new favorite restaurant. I could go on here, but I will choose to draw a veil. Yeah, Asiana. It is what it is.

Anyway, the party rocked. There should have been more people here (yes, I'm looking at YOU) but we didnt' really miss you that much. We all looked fabulous (Halloween really is the best holiday of the year) and had a great time. As an inaugural party for the new house it couldn't be beat. I'm thinking perhaps we should make it an annual event. The costumes were AMAZING. Check here for pics, and there are more on S' flickrstream but depending on when you're reading this, you might have to dig a bit.

Anyway I went as Ogga the Cavegirl which is possibly the easiest costume in the world. You just go to Foam & Fabric on Biltmore Avenue and raid their giant bins of leftover bits of fake fur for hardly any money and then you strategically drape, cut & pin it all until you have something resembling a costume. You might want to skip my own personal intermediary step in which I let the dogs sleep on one piece of fake fur for about five months and then decided to try to air it out on the porch. This didn't entirely work - although in the interests of authenticity, I smelled like Ogga the Cavegirl too! - but it made me jump every time I went by the porch door and saw my costume twisting in the breeze. I swear, it looked like a Yeti and it's unsettling as hell to glimpse a yeti on your porch. It gave me ideas, though: next year, I believe Ogga might just transform quite easily into a yeti and then she won't have to put on long underwear in the middle of the night.

As a cavegirl, it's important to have several layers because then when your right boob falls out, nobody but you will know. I finished the whole look off by strapping a deer antler (why yes, I do happen to have a deer antler hanging about the living room. Doesn't everyone?) to my head. The antler, although attractive, was problematic, first because it was trying to dig its way through my skull and then, after either it had achieved equilibrium or I'd had enough beer to no longer care about small things like dents in my skull, we decided to dance in the solarium. I am super fancy now, you see, and have a Solarium, aka the Fishbowl, or, the weirdass glass room attached to the downstairs. This would be the room that came complete with giant speakers cemented into the wall - into which speakers young M and his pals have attached my old stereo. Therefore I put the Clash and Pink Razors on the giant stereo and we proceeded to dance out. That would have been awesome except when I got to the headbanging part of my dancing out routine the antler flipped forward and clonked me - BONK - on the forehead. Thus passed our Neolithic ancestors


Gratuitous said...

Asiana rocks! Er, it did the first time, anyway. It's like going to the food court, except somehow all the fast-food Asian stalls absorbed each other and had board meetings. I can't see going there more than once a year or so.

I wanted to go to your party. And now I'm really pissed I missed your Ogga. I flashed back to R. Crumb's sasquatch for some reason. Oops, sorry, that might not seem nice. But it is.

Earlier, I wouldn't even have wanted to go, but suddenly you cycled high. Between your inner strength and the love of beings around you, you survived long enough to find the next series of joys. You are Dancin' in the Kitchen, girl. Thanks.

zen said...

Ogga funny! Ogga seem really happy except when bone dig Ogga skull. Dance good. Fun.