Thursday, December 20, 2007

red star light

red star light
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No internet at work ALL DAY today - it's shocking how much I got done. I am having a little party on Sunday, y'all; the whole family is in town and so they will be there and I have gone ahead and invited a whole bunch of people as well. If you did not get an invitation and you want to come, leave a comment or email me!

S is back from her trip to Australia and we are all waiting with bated breath to find out all the details and how it went and so on. To that end I am very shortly heading over to her house and then we're all - that whole old gang o' mine, to resurrect antique slang such as you might hear in a black and white Christmas movie where at any minute the guy and the broad are about to gather around the piano in the ski lodge and begin to sing carols - going out to dinner at the new restaurant in West Asheville, the Admiral. Although why, in Asheville, which is far from the madding sea, or at least it is right now although give global warming a little more time and Tryon will have beachfront property, you would call a restaurant the Admiral and not the General or the Colonel Major or something, I do not know. But I hear it is good and so thence am I shortly bound. Speaking of new restaurants, the food at Tolliver's Crossing is actually really good. I did not expect it to be but it was awesome AND they let you smoke in there after 9 pm which makes me oh so very, very happy. I'm tired of freezing to death while I'm doing my level best to get cancer.

Wahoo! The holidays begin, now!


Gordon Smith said...

I'm in love with The Admiral.

zen said...

Boy oh boy wasn't S looking tan, fit and happy!