Wednesday, December 26, 2007

project 365 #356: decorations

Well, thank the gods the holiday season is winding to a close. It was a nice Christmas and we all had a lovely time, but going back to work today was tough. And then there's the obligatory Christmas season week long hangover, the mess at home, the exhaustion, and the horrible realization at 8:00 this morning that you have no heat and that means that you will have to give ALL your Christmas money, which you've been waiting for all month, planning to buy yourself some new contact lenses or, hell, I don't know, a loaf of bread or something similarly selfish, to the oil company. Furthermore, you also realize that this means that this new house & furnace are in fact WORSE at conserving energy than your old house & furnace, something you would have previously thought impossible. And that in turn means that it's going to be a long, cold winter. Really cold. I can't afford to buy more oil for several months, so, well, I guess the thermostat goes to 50 and stays there. Bah humbug, Santa, why didn't you bring me oil?

Actually it was a lovely day; young M gave me beautiful Ganesh earrings and A gave me a collaged box & tiles, all very very cool and that she made, M gave me a swarovski crystal necklace, my mother gave me a black twin set which is oh so Jackie Kennedy, yeah, and my brother gave me a gift certificate to Karmasonics, while my other brother gave me a pack of Carl Buddig turkey coldcuts. We had roast beef & yorkshire pudding for dinner at my mothers, followed by my traditional 92 proof trifle and then A & I came along home and sat around the fire for half the night. M had to go back to Charleston, which is sad, but I'll be seeing him again in 3 days, hurrah.

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