Monday, December 03, 2007


Here it is Monday again and not only did I not even write a blog post all weekend, I totally forgot to take a picture of the day yesterday. That's the second time in three weeks I've spaced it out, which is ironic (in the purest Alanis Morrisette sense only, I know) given that the damn year is nearly over and I got this far forgetting only once before but now I cannot seem to remember to whip out the camera and take some banal picture each day. Love is bad for me - well. No, actually, love is awesome for me but it does tend to wonderfully focus my mind elsewhere than on blog and picture projects. Nowadays, I just tell M all the stuff that I used to tell my blog. Pity him. The man gets like 7 stream of consciousness emails a day.

Also, I worked all day Saturday and then went out Saturday night. This is a drag, because it means that my house is a mess and I have no holiday decorations up at all. One day weekends are tough: it's hard to fit all one's weekend lying about doing nothing needs with errands and chores so, naturally, the lying about stuff gets precedence. And the cold that never ends has come up with a new iteration: the sore throat is back, scratchier than ever and accompanied by the sniffles. This cold is getting ridiculous: we all have it and it just never, ever goes away. It never gets unbearably hideously bad, either, except for poor young M, but it never leaves. Maybe it's some kind of perpetual, endless, postmodern global warming cold and we will all feel like this forever. In that case, I demand more and stronger drugs.

I went shopping yesterday and am dismayed to report that I have spent almost half my laboriously saved Christmas money on, basically, nothing. Except yarn. I bought a bunch of yarn in the happy expectation of pretty much knitting everything anyone wants - here's your knitted ipod, kids! Knitted Wii! - without quite calculating in the time that this is going to take. Essentially, I think I need to knit 24/7 from now to Christmas and I can see that might sort of irritate my boss. Hmm. It is a conundrum.

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