Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gettin' Our Christmas On

The tree is about half trimmed; the kids are out shopping; M & I are drinking bloody marys and getting ready for people to come over and it just feels all Holiday like. My brother N is in town and we all went out to dinner last night at Mela, which was amazing. And, the best part, I just downloaded a shitload of awesome christmas music from here and you can too. This is the real stuff, too, y'all, none of that annoying Christmas music like if you hear Santa Baby one more time you're going to shoot somebody.

The shopping is basically done - it has to be, for my bank account is now basically empty. Yesterday we went on up to Bat Cave to see D & A & R; D has an amazingly strange and beautiful Christmas tree up and A has made a giant terrifying rope swing. He gave us a chainsaw bear! I am so thrilled! I have been wanting a chainsaw bear for the longest time and now I have one in my front yard even if young M, who longs for normalcy, says that it's haggard. It is fabulous and A is going to come over sometime soon with a torch and finish it so it's all appropriately blackened.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that stuff - things are awesome here and I hope they are with you as well!


zen said...

Slap-Happy Festivus from Helen and I to M and you! Big love and we had a great time!

Edgy Mama said...

Merry, merry!

Sorry we didn't make it by your par-tay. We were driving back from Hotlanta. Thank god!

Hope you had fun and are having a great day today!