Friday, December 14, 2007

french broad river morning

french broad river morning
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Ciao, y'all. I'm off to Charleston after a completely insane Friday morning that involved speaking with way too many Sprint representatives and the final end purchase of a throw away GO phone for young M so he won't be home alone without phone. Life was simpler in the early days. When I was 16, in addition to walking to school 5 miles uphill in the snow, I lived by myself in Spain with no telephone of any kind. I really did. And nobody worried about me (my parents were, I think, delighted to have me far, far away) and I didn't even worry about myself except for the nights when I lay there awake thinking that there were serial killers disguised as sheep (I lived, basically, in the middle of a sheep pasture) sneaking around my windows until finally the panic would wind down and I would realize that serial killers never go to the trouble of dressing up like sheep, scuffling and baaaing their way around your windows for 2 hours before they climb through the window with the axe. They just come in and kill you straight off without the whole bovine charade. Then I would feel better and go back to sleep and in the morning continue with my highly unsuitable life for a teenager which involved, mostly, cafes, discos and babysitting, not in that order, and I was pretty much completely happy. So I think young M can get through one Saturday night on his own.

Anyway, despite the fact that apparently I need to sign up for a course called Garter Belts 101, since I'm having near tragic lingerie failures every 20 minutes today, everything is groovy and I'm off down 26. See you Sunday or Monday.

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