Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rain and the Fair's Coming Up

It's raining, which is

DAMNIT! I was going to write a nice post about the rain, and the fair, and reminisce a little about the hurricanes of two years ago and then, if you got really fucking lucky, I was going to talk about this cardinal family in the Rhino Courtyard I've been watching. I mean, imagine that shit. Cute Birds, OMG LOLZORS!

BUT INSTEAD, my phone just rang and it looks like young M has missed the school bus AGAIN which AGAIN fouls up my plans for a useful and a leisurely morning. This is getting really old, this driving frantically to Asheville High School every morning and then frantically back home and then frantically getting ready to work where, of course, everything is set on high frantic. And I'm TIRED, DAMN IT, and oh yeah, I have also just discovered the work of John Cheever, which I know is pathetic, but I was supposed to read him in high school or college and somehow took umbrage at the

JEEZUS! Now he says he's taking the city bus and that means he'll be fucking late again and the new draconian attendance policies at Asheville High make that not good.

AAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Imagine a cogent and delightful essay here, musing on Cheever and nature, the changing tides of 50 years and a little more, illustrated perhaps with a thoughtful metaphor or two. Imagine words like little jewels, prose that twinkles and fizzes with intelligence and wit. Okay, good. I'm going to try to fucking track down my errant son and drive him to school AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG

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