Sunday, September 04, 2005

Who Knew? Mr. Bill

Watch it and weep. Mr. Bill on hurricanes, from JUNE 2004. No, Mr. President, who could have known that New Orleans was in danger? Who could have known that the destruction of the wetlands could have consequences like this? Who could possibly have known that the levees were underfunded and desperately in need of repair?

Only EVERY FUCKING CLAYMATION FIGURE PROBABLY INCLUDING DANNY AND GOLIATH, YOU FUCKTARD. And since this is, after all, a cartoon presidency, at best, and Scrappy-Do would be doing a better job as the President than dubya-doo, it seems only logical that the leader of the free world could at least have listened to his peer group.

One week later and still: fury, desolation, shock, horror. God DAMN our "leaders." Fucking CUBA got their people out after a category five hurricane but we couldn't. And one week later, we still can't. And the Red Cross can't even go in there.


Haskell said...

Felicity, it was great to see you and Nat; hope to see you again and meet the hounds at some point. Emily, yes it is I, drag bike Haskell, though I recently sold same to Greg S. Would love to be in touch but have no contact info. You can reach me through Felicity or use the info I put in the previous post. (F., sorry for using your comment area as a clearinghouse. Thanks.)

Anonymous said...

"God DAMN our leaders...."

Hope you have the brains to include the (D) Mayor & the (D) Governor a.k.a. the “first responders”… There’s plenty-o-blame to go around

Felicity said...

Oh, absolutely there is enough blame to go around and to spare. However, as one president famously said the buck stops here, and you know what? It does, so I'd like to see some responsibility and some blame taken by the person who is supposed to be the ultimate authority. The person who has routed so many millions of dollars to "emergency preparedness" in the name of "Homeland Security."

The last I heard, FEMA was a federal agency, and FEMA are directly responsible for more of this horrible, hideous screwup than perhaps any other agency. The head of FEMA is a Republican appointee, and he has not yet been sent out of town on a rail with a nice coating of tar and feathers, although I cannot imagine why not. It would be a start.