Friday, September 16, 2005

Going to New York!

I'm going to New York City! Yes, I have won an all (okay, a few) expenses paid trip to Nooooo. . .Yawk. . . City!!!! Or rather, I've picked up a courier gig for the art museum that my friend D didn't want. I get to drive up to NY on Monday with F the curator, a long long drive, and then be in NY on Tuesday and Wednesday and drive back on Thursday. I am actually incredibly excited and have, in fact, done the dance of joy around the kitchen and also been to Sally Beauty Supply and thence had A dye my hair several different shades of red and purple and a kind of indescribable orange that wasn't intended but unfortunately emerged. It's okay. I now have the coolest hair in New York circa 1988. I am so psyched to be the most gorgeous weirdo out of town 42 year old heavily tattooed sort of fat all black wearing chick in the East Village that ever was!

Or something.

Actually, I really am looking forward to this. There are shows (art, art, it's all art) I want to see and the new MOMA and back to DIA and oh, lord, a lot of places that aren't all initials. For the NY interested, I am going to Max Fish on Wednesday at 6ish to meet some internet people, so show up. Buy me beer. Buy me shoes, because I haven't any that will live up to New York standards.

Yeah. This is going to be serious fun.


Sweet Tea said...

I didn't know that old Sally girl has a web address. Learn something new....

Hope the trip goes well! I'm sure you'll be the hottest red-orange head about.

Jack Naka said...

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