Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend News Update

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It was the weekend and now it is over. Sob. On the weekends, as some perceptive souls will have noticed, I do not get on the computer much. There are several reasons for this, including the compelling one that I spend way too much time on one during the work week and thus am disinclined to bother at home but the primary reason is that my son now has some kind of highly nifty and enviable video game system that requires internet connectivity. It also seems to require endless amounts of snack food and soda, but that's another issue. We as a family are applying our usual awesome reserves of technical skillz to the internet issue: we're carrying the modem up and down stairs depending on whose need is greater. Sometimes my need to play Totem Destroyer 2 and refresh Twitter obsessively trumps his need to play whatever it is he plays down there in Teenage Wasteland and sometimes, like this weekend, when I had this crazy plan to actually get shit done, he gets to keep the modem as long as he wants.

Yes, I had a crazy plan to actually get things done. And I did get some things done: I went to Goombay on Friday night with Susan and had a ton of fun and bought the kids some Christmas presents which I promptly gave them that evening and I went to Old Navy and bought a whole bunch of (yeah, I know, cheap environment destroying Chinese slave labor of miserable women and children, but, hey, the soulless and evil underwear are awesome) clothes and I did, in fact, mow the lawn. I also painted more of the beams of the porch in complex designs and I now estimate that particular project will be completed sometime in early 2017. And I read a whole lot and did a whole lot of absolutely nothing, which, while it didn't get the bathroom clean, helped my frame of mind considerably. That, I think, is what weekends are supposed to do, so, you know, all good. Or it will be until we all die of cholera or some other fun disease from the filthy bathroom.

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