Monday, August 03, 2009

As Time Etc etc

Wow, I am a very lame blogger lately. Oh well. It's not as if I have the excuse that my life is so damn fascinating I don't have time to blog either - you know, it's not an endless round of "After I saved Spiderman from the burning building I had to fly to London to attend a dinner party with the recently resuscitated corpse of Oscar Wilde and then it was off to Stockholm to accept the Nobel Prize in physics." I know this surprises you, but face it, If it was like that, then I would long since have said fuck the blog and concentrated my efforts on the smuggest xeroxed Christmas letter ever. As it is I don't do the Christmas letter thing for fear that it would turn into something like "And then after the dog died and we were evicted we found a wonderful cardboard box under a bridge, so little Timmy is sending his happy holiday wishes between coughs as he slowly expires from consumption." It would be hard to resist, just as I am currently finding it hard to resist the idea of writing a 500,000 word fantasy saga where the bad guys win.

HOWEVER! What have I been doing for the past five days? Well, let's see - on Thursday I went to the grocery store and cleaned up the house and did laundry and baked another chocolate zucchini cake and also made spanakopita in preparation for Friday, when I had a dinner party in celebration of Jenn's belated birthday, which featured fantastic food (I also made pesto and guacamole and tomato/mozzarella salad and cucumber salad and Charles made squash casserole and Helen made brownies and tomato biscuits and Jenn made roasted beets and Susan made perfect tiny shrimp appetizers and all in all it was a Grand Feast plus of course there was beer. Then Saturday Audrey and Miles and I watched about five straight hours of True Blood and only left the house to search out more episodes, which we eventually found at the downtown Orbit. On Sunday we watched yet more True Blood (I am well and truly hooked, ye gods, despite reading a couple of the books a while back and not being particularly impressed) and, which is impressive, Audrey and I made a really good start on totally organizing and cleaning the garage. And during one of yesterday's sporadic downpours I made beignets from the box of Cafe du Monde mix I brought back from New Orleans, with the verdict that a) they're way better at Cafe du Monde and b) fried dough for breakfast is still funnel cake no matter how frenchily you pronounce beignet and c) funnel cake for breakfast is kind of weird and makes you feel like you live at the state fair, which is, let's face it, just creepy.

And now it is Monday and I would be far more gloomed out about that but one of my oldest and closest friends is in town from Charleston and we have tentative plans to go out this week and so I am really looking forward to saying fuck off, health kick and not going out during the week, he's never been here before and boo yeah.


Gordon Smith said...

Chocolate Zucchini Bread?

Yes, please.

Edgy Mama said...

Oh, I might have to rent "True Blood." I read the first five Sookie Stackhouse books in two weeks earlier this summer, but then needed a break from the engaging but slightly saccharine writing. But I now might be ready for HBO.

mygothlaundry said...

Just don't let the kids see it, whatever you do. HBO = explicit sex. I was kind of uncomfortable watching it with my kids, and they're grown up!

Edgy Mama said...

I hear ya. I felt slightly uncomfortable watching the first two episodes with my husband! Soft porn plus.