Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm over them. Politics, the elections, all of it - I'm over everything but the lurching doom coming towards us in the form of economic meltdown, which has a certain terrifying trainwreck can't look away quality to it. I told my son in the car this morning that I thought this was probably the most important and scary thing that had happened in my lifetime. He scoffed at this and when I told him darkly that we were heading for a Mad Max style apocalypse he said, "Bring it on! Yeah!" clearly thinking that in the Mad Max world, nobody has to go to high school. And he may be right, because it's possible that he'll be needed to pick up lumps of coal from the tracks for us all to eat, or whatever it is you do with coal picked up in lumps by urchins. I wonder where his top hat is and if it's sufficiently battered for coal duty. . .

However, look. If you haven't decided who you're going to vote for yet, you're a fucking moron. If you're voting for McCain/Palin, you scare me in a very bad way and I don't want to hear about it. Go away. If you're all madly in love with Obama, well, yeah, so are we all. On a metafilter political thread, I read this great comment
If the statement "let's think of creative and positive solutions, and work together to make this country better" appeals to you, you are probably voting for Obama.

If the statement "let's hunt down the people responsible for these problems and punish them for their mistakes; and keep the outsiders from getting into our territory" appeals to you, you are probably voting for McCain.

Two completely different species of humanity.

and I think that sort of sums it up. Let me add that if you think the second statement even makes any kind of sense, if you are that deeply stuck in a Neanderthal mindset, then I'm very sorry for you and, as I said, you scare me. Really really you do.

While I'm sorry that I've ended up living in a country that's this deeply divided, I'm even sorrier that I'm living in a country where the troglodyte orc hordes have apparently been let run free to comment on newscast websites. Don't click on that link if you value your sanity, but then you can also read their gibbering squeals at the Citizen-Times or almost anywhere else. I don't know where these "people" came from and I don't want to know; I just want to throw the fucking ring into the goddamn mountain of fire already and send them back to their caverns. Oh, and cut off their internet access.

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Rockycat said...

You know, there are people whom I consider my friends who are planning on voting for McCain. And that just boggles my mind.