Thursday, October 30, 2008

And Here We Are

Here is the very first picture of the front of my new house, beautifully decorated as it is for, well, every day plus a little bit of Halloween stuff which will probably stay out there until Christmas anyway. That's just the Halloween stuff that never got fully put away from last year in the old house and snuck into the general boxes, along with the one scary skull plus many legs thing that I bought at Big Lots when I was supposed to be buying slipcovers that I would never use. I had this insane idea that I was going to decorate the house for Halloween but considering that I'm still kind of unpacking the toothbrushes I now don't think this is going to happen. Unless the QOB and C, her helper, get motivated - I pointed them at the box in the garage that says Halloween on it but I have a sinking feeling that that box might just possibly contain Christmas stuff and what they really need is the box that says Christmas, which could be pretty much anywhere on earth. Probably in the garage but possibly, you know, in Sri Lanka or somewhere.

The QOB is already all motivated about Halloween anyway because Halloween means candy and the QOB is all about the candy. If she had any teeth left they'd be leaving her but as it is, well, I guess it's okay, although even I had to take the bag of mini chocolate bars away from her the other day.
"You'll get a stomach ache," I explained and then, the next morning she came upstairs and said, "I don't have a stomachache and I ate all that candy!"
"That's because I took the bag away from you just in time." I said,
She was crestfallen but could not argue - it's a good thing I've already raised - or, well sort of raised in a sort of feral environment, I guess, judging by how young M turned out - two kids because the QOB cannot run rings around me logically. Young M, who is at that delightful and charming age where he is incensed by hypocrisy and compelled to point out every single incidence of it he encounters in the adult world (which is, go figure, a lot) can totally run those rings around me. It's not difficult for him, since among other things, I'll say almost anything to make him stop commenting on hypocrisy, particularly my own. Hell, there are times, as when I am attempting to be supportive of his sister by agreeing that so and so is an asshole, at which point young M cheerily remarks that this statement is judgmental and unjust and that what I should say is that I don't know the person in question very well but that I have heard that s/he is an asshole or else I am being hypocritical when I would pretty much gnaw off my own arms to escape but I guess, oh god, that no, I wouldn't actually do that and therefore that is a hypocritical statement full of hyperbole which is just so typical of adults and pretty much exactly what is wrong with the whole world today.

In other news I actually got up and took the dogs to the park this morning for the first time since we moved. It was cold as hell but invigorating. Yes, invigorating and it turns out that I can get the space heaters to work in the living room as long as every other single thing in there is turned off. Tomorrow somebody is coming to please, please, oh please, fix the boiler and we'll have, maybe, real heat. Or a lot of propane to sell off by the vial or something.

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