Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heat Redux

After copious - big. Lots. Humongo. Tons. - amounts of money were given to Suburban Propane, they came over and showed us how to light the pilot on the furnace. Joy!

Short lived joy because about half an hour later, there were two small explosions, a cloud of steam, a puddle of water on the floor and the boiler quit completely. Now again there is no heat and we had really only just gotten to the burning dust smell part of the heating process. Joys of homeownership my arse, and I'm out half a month's salary worth of propane unless I can get this damn thing fixed. Meanwhile, fuck it, I'm going to Mall Wart to buy a couple more space heaters and then I'm going to take young M to eat sushi and I'm going to drink a great big enormous goddamn martini and then I'm going to come home, read Anathem, pretend that I understand the physics/philosophy therein and remind myself that all this, even if it's not just happening in one in a series of infinite and ever changing universes, is but a small bump on a long and ultimately worthwhile road. Yeah. Uh huh.

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