Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some Thoughts About Friday Night

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1. Surprise: I'm apparently not past the age where somebody I've never seen in my life before comes up to me and says, "Whoa, do you live here? Rockin' party, man!"

2. The deck is sturdier than one would think.
2a) Even quite respectable semi normal people have a morbid interest in watching the deck collapse.

3. I'm not the only person who invented the vodka, lemonade and club soda drink. We still need a catchy name, though.

4. After enough beer, even Elton John sounds okay. He still sounds better if you sing him like Alvin the chipmunk, though.

5. J & K's friend M from Florida has a tattoo of a Haida bear on his shoulder (and he got it on Miami Ink): it's the same Haida bear that I made a batik of once, long ago in a galaxy far away. Not only that, but we both discovered and became obsessed with that bear from Gardner's Art Through The Ages or somesuch canonical art history 101 text. Not only that, but he also owns the same chair I do, only he's left it in the original dark wood, orange-y plush village scene upholstery. Of course, not only is he gay, he's married.

6. Somebody hung a painting in my living room. Huh.

7. I have two pairs of glasses here. Claim them via email. If you know who I am, which you probably don't.

8. Party food is not so good for dogs.
8a) The party cleanup wouldn't have been that bad (thanks to J) if there hadn't been dog diarrhea on the den carpet.
8b) Whatever; I was too hungover to do anything about it until around 5:30 anyway.

9. Sushi, vodka and sake with your girlfriends is a great hangover cure.

10. Party on, dudette.


zen said...

1. You are party young
2. I'm one
3. A Viloko (corruption of Miloko from A Clockwork Orange
4. But sober, you still won't allow it
5. That was kinda amazing
6. heh heh is that like the worst iris?
7. Not ours
8. Sorry to hear that.
9. Oh!
10. Party Arty On!

Anonymous said...


About 8a...

That's not dog diarrhea. That would be mine...


Gordon Smith said...

Throw another one!