Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Weekend Survived

goatus interruptus
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It was a busy weekend, which means that it's absolutely amazing that I was still able to keep my bubble game scores up. That's what happens when you're completely dedicated, man: even through seeing my old friend R on Friday evening and then going to Z & H's and then to the Westville for the last part of the hilariously funny Golden Blade III and then the next day attempting to take the QOB to Bat Cave (it was too hot - my car really only has nominal air conditioning and it's completely unable to climb hills with the AC on - and I had to promptly return her to my mother's, since she was threatening to run away) and going up to Bat Cave by myself to take a lot of formal, studied portraits of goats and then returning to Asheville to party on D & J's wonderful Five Points porch and then, deep breath, ending up Sunday with the QOB and Z & H at the Gray Eagle for the Indy Craft Fair, which we used as an excuse to drink beer on the cool patio while discussing ghosts. Phew. And yet, through all of this, I managed to devote hours to playing the bubble game because I am, yet again, hideously addicted. My shoulders start to feel like they're falling off, I yawn, the dogs whimper to try to get me away from the computer but no! I must sit up half the night and play the bubble game. It is my life.

Anyway, over the weekend I also learned to identify stinging nettles, of which there are one shit ton at the park, some handily located on one side of a six inch path that's bordered on the other side by a huge patch of glossy poison ivy, so you're sort of fucked no matter where you turn (a state of mind with which I am so, so intimately familiar) and I harvested the first peppers out of the garden. I also made amazingly delicious fish stick tacos, thus proving that there is a way to make seriously cheap fishsticks from Aldi palatable after all.

You will need:
fishsticks - as aforementioned, the nasty cheap ones
mayonnaise - do not sneer
onions & garlic & peppers (I used half a Vidalia onion, a couple cloves of freshly picked Bat Cave Garlic, half a bell pepper and most of a right off the vine cubanel pepper)
lime juice, lots of
cilantro, lots of
grated cheese
Some corn would also be awesome but I did not have any, so, oh well.

Cook the fish sticks. When they're done, squeeze half a lime over them.
Chop up & saute the veggies in olive oil. Towards the very end, drench generously with lime juice and cilantro and, naturally, salt & pepper.
Heat up the tortillas - 30 secs in the microwave, yes - and spread about 1/2 tablespoon, or, okay, perhaps more than that of the mayo across each one.
Tortilla + 3 fishsticks + pepper/onion mixture + salsa + grated cheese = extremely delicious, relatively good for you and, best of all, cheap as hell.

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