Friday, July 25, 2008

Fostering Neuroses

Pebble and Me
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When I come home now, as always, the dogs come running to greet me. "Hey, guys," i say, casually, just as I always have done and then I say, "Where is my Pebble? Pebble! Pebble! Awwww, sweet Pebble!" Then I pick her up and cuddle her and she rides on my shoulder (and right now, she steps on the keyboard) and I sort of push the dogs aside while I get all idiotically dewy eyed over Pebble, worlds' most amazing kitten.

The dogs, for their part, try to show me A+ papers from tech school and nuzzle my knees and bring me what would be the evening paper if there were such things and, since there aren't, a muddy bone, and look at me with eyes of undying devotion and I say, "Boys! Have you been nice to the Pebble today?"

The best thing about animals is that you can be horribly psychologically rotten to them and get away with it.


arratik said...


That is the second most awesome kitteh ever! (the first being Proxy, of course.)

Short Street Cakes said...

i love your little kitten. we just got a kitten too! we think her name is butterfly. She's absurdly cute. hey- it was great to meet you yesterday! i'm inspired to be a better blogger.

haskell said...

Neat picture. What are the two of you looking at so intently? Btw what do you think of Pebbles as a name, a la the Flintstones? Too cute?

Edgy Mama said...

She is adorable. Of course, all babies are adorable. I did the opposite, ignoring my lovely cats horribly when Biscuit arrived in our lives. The kids and the Bisc stayed with grandparents this weekend, and sweet Houdini slept on my shoulder--for the first time in months, as he now gets chased off the bed by the pup!

mygothlaundry said...

Pebble is totally adorable but now I have tiny cuts all over my legs from when she decides to climb me like a tree and if I ever wear shorts or a a miniskirt again someone is going to haul me down to a counseling center for emo kids who slice themselves up. Also, they sting like a motherfucker. So while I still adore the Pebble (no, it can't be Pebbles, she might yet turn out to be a boy) my legs hurt and I'm starting to cringe when she skitters across the floor towards me.