Saturday, May 03, 2008


my mother and my daughter
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Well, I made it to the herb festival just before the rain and then to the Botanical Gardens plant sale during the rain, so, not too bad. At the herb festival I got four tomatoes - two cherry and two Cherokee purple, which I've never tried before but they seem to be the hip, in fashion tomato this year and who am I to fly in the face of a trend? I also got a nice calendula which I'm hoping will take to the front garden, lots of basil, a couple of peppers, some rosemary and a scented geranium. I love the herb festival. At the Botanical Gardens I bought a lantana and a couple of small geraniums to repot.

So I just finished planting the vegetable garden - corn and zucchini and green beans, peppers and tomatoes and an eggplant and random sunflowers and basil scattered everywhere. Now I need to put up a fence and some tomato cages and go get 200 feet of hose to string from the back of the house to the garden. I'm glad I'm doing it and gardening is good for the soul and all that. Something in this vale of tears damn well better be.

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