Friday, May 16, 2008

and here they come

and here they come
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I have nothing much to report in the wake of the terrible and amazing yet amusing groundhog incident from Wednesday afternoon. You know, that's just pretty much it. There have been no further skirmishes in the Groundhog Wars, although my mother did give me two bottles of something that looks scarily toxic and which is called something like Kritter B Gone or Kritter Insta Death or some other equally charming thing that involves, you know, Kritters. I also realized why groundhogs are cute to me: Frances is a groundhog. Well, actually, according to that link, she's a badger, but I think she's a groundhog, unless that's a badger and not a groundhog after all who is living under my shed, because it looks rather a lot like Frances. However, as far as I know, badgers are one of those British things like tea and hedgehogs, right? We don't have them except in ancient children's books? They're un-American? Hmmm.

Yesterday I told my groundhog story to any number of people, including my mother. The response was gratifying from everyone, since mostly everybody laughs helplessly when I get to the part about the eeeeeeescreeeaaakkkkk noises and pantomime myself screaming with a broomstick and, fortunately, I mostly like being laughed at, so that was all good. My mother, though - ah, only my mother - wiped the tears from her eyes when I told her how I had insulted the groundhog at the end and called him stupid.

"Oh dear," she said firmly, "That wasn't very nice, dear. You shouldn't have said THAT."

I may be the only person in the whole world who has ever been reprimanded by their parent for being rude to a groundhog.

Oh and hey, my computer is still in the shop, so, um, no posts this weekend unless I can bring myself to dive into the fresh hell that is Charter Communications Technical Support and thereby manage to get my old computer (the one that makes the worrisome whoooga-whoooga noise whenever it's turned on) online. We will all have to struggle through it somehow.

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Apparently the badger is the state animal of Wisconsin. I saw one recently out here in Colorado, but I guess they are mostly associated with the UK.
Groundhogs are mainly vegetarian, whereas badgers like to eat squirrels, prairie dogs, marmots, birds...
You get the picture.