Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is just a quick note to say that my kids are making hot wings from scratch in the kitchen, I'm drinking beer on the porch (well, not at this exact moment, no, but you get the general idea) and things are pleasant on this Saturday night. Soon we will watch the new American Treasures/Nic Cage (yes, I still love him - it's going to be difficult, you know, that day I am forced to pick between Nic and James McMurtry) which, no matter how bad it is, can't really possibly be worse than the Indiana Jones movie. I hope. And, today, I planted poppies and a rose bush at my mother's house. So, you know, Saturday: all good.

S is off to Australia. We gathered spontaneously at her house last night. J & I were already going over there; I was pulling out of the Amoco on Amboy when I saw Z & H (actually, I recognized their dog first, which says something about me, ye gods, there I am looking at a car going by me and thinking, hey, that's Bailey! Who's she with? Oh. . . right. . . her owners! Two of my close friends! Oy.) and they, cleverly deducing that I was headed to S' house, followed me. In turn there appeared K & J and then, later, J & A and so we toasted S off to Australia with beer & vodka & bread & cheese & fried plantains. She's flying over the country now. Snif.

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