Monday, January 07, 2008

now that is a cold beer

now that is a cold beer
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A couple of weeks ago, I had a party. To this party, my friends Z & H brought a cooler (a really super cool vintage cooler, at that) full of Yuengling, which was extremely nice of them and particularly so since they left it on my deck after the party was over. I thought I had finished off all the beers inside but given the weather, I don't go out on the deck that much lately. Yesterday, H called and asked if she could come over and get her cooler, which, frankly, I had kinda sorta forgotten about, which is not good, since it was on the deck which is Django Doom territory. Fortunately, the vintage cooler was impervious in its metal armor to Django's teeth and he had concentrated on eating my cooler instead. So I went to open Z & H's cooler and lo and behold, there was this solid slab of ice with a Yuengling imprisoned within. I cracked up.

The beer, I think, is fine, but I'm not going to find out for a while, because all the extra calories I ingested over the last couple of weeks (mostly in the form of beer and mostly in the form of Yuengling at that; Baltimore seemingly hasn't adopted the PBR the way I have) which were quietly lurking around suddenly developed critical mass, teamed together and morphed into spare tire monsterhood on my midsection. I hate it when calories do that - wait around before they suddenly turn into gigantic horrible fat. Yeah, I know this isn't scientific but neither is the simple science fact that my period is out to get me and you know that's true. As are the evil little hearts of calories and their evil little laughs as they attach themselves to my midriff. Therefore no beer for me for a while, alas, and, even more alas, I just had soup and grapefruit for lunch and all I can think about is how much I really, really want a fig newton. Ah, January: piper paying time par excellence.


honeytoo said...

That beer pic is great. Lo, we are also on the weight reduction treadmill. Z found out that the Zaxbys grilled chicken salad he has been eating three times a week packs 600 calories. Not exactly health food. I tried a Rachael Ray recipe for chicken burgers tonight and it sucked...and took me an hour to cook. So I feel your pain.

zen said...

Great Shot! Like it was chisled out of an artic icebank.

And Honeytoo exaggerates about how much it sucked. She turned around the next night and transmogrified it into some great chili!

mygothlaundry said...

600 calories isn't THAT bad. If you only eat like 600 other calories all day, you're cool. ;-)