Wednesday, January 09, 2008

News About the F Word

django, camouflaged
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I just discovered that if you stand in the kitchen and say FUCK over and over long enough, it will begin to make an interesting thwockety thwockety sound kind of like thrumming your tongue against a bottle top or a tambourine (actually, no, not at all like a tambourine but maybe a bodhran or, hell, I don't know, try it and see) and all in all it's kind of moderately amusing. Not as amusing to your friends as wehn you inadvertently say Fuckity fuck fuck, or to your kids as when you say Fuck a Duck! in a moment of total Smoky Park Highway Bridge insanity when they're in fourth grade, but still amusing. I was saying fuck fuck fuck fuck, by the way, because Django just ate not only my old pink wool gloves with the drawings on them in glitter paint and my favorite dog walking gray fleece Scooby Doo hat (which will make my daughter and other fashion mavens, admittedly, breathe a sigh of deep relief) but also, in yet another terrible leap of canine logic, his own cozy bed. Which is shredded all over my room since his bed is was located under my bed, in the far corner. For once, though, I know why he did that: he and Theo have recently moved one of their weird dog political games from the arena of the couch - belongs to Theo but hotly contested - to the arena of the dog bed under my bed - belongs to Django and recently also hotly contested. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck a duck fuck; now I have to clean up all the foam and Django doesn't have a bed, which will tug at my way overly soft heartstrings late at night when I hear him clunk his doggy bones down loudly on the hard wood floor. Damn that dog.

In other, wildly non sequitur type news, I have discovered Cake and I like it. No, not cake as in chocolate with frosting but Cake the band, who, yes, I know, everybody else has been listening to for a bazillion years and I'm like the last person on the whole planet who never heard of them but I am clued in now and I am liking me some Cake. I have Pandora playing a mix of stuff that is like Cake and Modest Mouse and the Mountain Goats and I tell you what, it is a good mix. Every year I discover some band that the whole world except me knows and this actually rocks, because by the time I find out about them, I can get the CDs used. So, you know, win win. And no need to say fuck fuck fuckity fuck except in the damn, but this song is awesome sense.


Edgy Mama said...

Cake rocks. I love their version of "I will survive." Dry, ironic, unemotional. And rocking.

Jim Jenkins said...

Great fucking post, Fliss. Sometimes the F word is the most satisfying of mantras.

Fuck, fuck, fuck,
Mother motherfuck
Mother motherfuck fuck
Motherfuck motherfuck

Jay & Silent Bob