Thursday, January 17, 2008

django on a snow day

django on a snow day
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WE CAN HAZ SNOW DAY!! Yeah! I love living in cities where everything shuts down for 3 inches of snow. Asheville, like Baltimore, rocks that way. It's as if snow causes some kind of crazed amnesia: every time it snows, even though it happens every winter, the whole populace has never seen it before and is paralyzed with fear. Last night on the 11:00 news on WLOS, they were freaking out in the grand manner. They even had a list of careful snow tips in case, god forbid, you had to venture out of your door, which included (I swear I'm not making this up) this gem: Be sure to cover your mouth and all exposed skin. Because otherwise . . . uh. . . the demonic microscopic Snow Monsters will eat you! Wear a welding mask! Wear 12 layers of wool! God almighty, be careful! There's 3" of snow on the ground! Anything could happen!

I knew we were getting a real snow day last night, even though - or maybe because - young M was doing the magic thing of saying over and over, "I have to go to school in the morning. Maybe a 2 hour delay. That's it." Meanwhile A & I were chanting, "Snow day! Snow day!" and drinking beer; I actually stayed up later than young M. That hasn't happened in lo these many years. And then I slept until 11:30, had 2 breakfasts (steel cut oats done in the crockpot overnight are amazing; but don't use apricots; they break down) and have done not one damn thing since. Except take some pictures and put on my peculiar snow day clothes of a giant hippie black skirt over my gnome pajamas, danskos and my huge fuzzy peruvian snow sweater.

I did have every intention of cleaning the house but it's already 3:00 and, gee, cleaning time has passed. Pity, that. I was also going to spend the day cooking and I should probably get to that pronto; there's a pork loin roast awaiting my attention. Meanwhile, however, it's lovely just to sit around, drink coffee (with a small, judicious application of Sailor Jerry's) and be lazy. Young M has gone off with some of his juvenile delinquent friends; A is reading and the dogs, per appropriate dog behavior, are busily tracking as much snow into the house as possible. Django will catch a snowball if you throw it to him, which is fabulous, but then he wants to bring it into the house to eat on the couch, which is less exciting.

Snow Day! Yay! Yeah! Wahoo! Snow On!!

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