Friday, January 18, 2008

cold gnomes

cold gnomes
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I'm booking on down to Charleston this weekend again y'all and leaving tomorrow's snowstorm to you other locals. I have four snowballs in a soft Ingles cooler in the back of my car to surprise M with and I think that's enough snow for now. I was surprised as hell, though, by how much snow there was in West Asheville (be quiet, Colorado people with your giant snow) compared to downtown. I mean, this morning there was still quite a lot of snow everywhere in my neighborhood, but downtown was snow-free. Mountain micro climates or maybe they're just better at getting rid of it; who knows?

A and I had a brief snowball competition off the back stoop yesterday. We were aiming at the People's Liberation Front oil tank - that's the oil tank next door that says UnitA on it, which I thought when I first moved in was Latino political graffiti - and it took us an embarrassingly long time to hit it.
"It's a hard target!" said A.
"No it isn't," I said, "It's huge and it's not that far away. We're lousy shots." This is alas, the truth, although then A suggested throwing underhand.
"Underhand?!?" I said scornfully, "What are we, girls?"
"Well," said A, handily hitting the UnitA tank with a nice underhand toss, "Yeah."

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