Monday, March 15, 2010

So I Offended the Cold Goddess

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On Friday night I laughed about how quickly my cold had gone away. That was stupid. What was even more stupid was bragging - bragging! - about how I had done everything you're not supposed to do with a cold and gotten away with it. I said out loud, reveling, that I had waded in the ocean, gone out with wet hair, smoked, drank, walked around, flown in a plane and not stayed in bed with plenty of tea and several boxes of kleenex. Ha ha, I said, and look at me now! I beat that cold! I'm fine.

Yeah, well, what would you expect after that kind of hubris? My old belief that there are minor deities lurking around everywhere waiting to make humans miserable for shits and giggles is yet again empirically proved to be true. Of course I've spent the rest of the weekend being miserably sick with some kind of super cold that makes my head feel like cement, my stomach queasy, my bones ache and the rest of me unable to do much but lie in bed and doze with (of course) hot tea and several boxes of kleenex. That is what happens when you dis the gods. Fear the minor deities! Propitiate them! And perhaps you won't get whatever the hell this is.

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OMG! Felicity, you of all people should know better then to taunt the gods.