Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It Snowed Again

We rocked out at Quizzo last night and came in fourth or possibly fifth for the tournament. This is not too shabby, I think and even though making it to a bar once a week is kind of a dubious achievement in time management, I'm still proud of it. Also, I got to take the moral high ground for a while because I had three correct answers which got booed down by my teammates. Alas, I squandered that high ground on the last round by not knowing the number of tarot cards in a deck. Audrey had a deck in her purse but we felt that checking would be wrong. We are crazy.

So, more wintry weather! What a shock and surprise! I wish to cry. Perhaps this will be the last snowstorm of this crazy winter. One can only hope, although Audrey, who is fond of doom and gloom, says that the Farmer's Almanack is predicting another big storm at the end of March. Gods I hope not; enough is enough. As it is it snowed five inches or so in my yard and we all stayed home all day and ate fishsticks, which was not quite as awful as it sounds.

I'm packed for tomorrow; I'm terrified of course and I have emails and lists of people to call and places to go in San Francisco, where apparently burritos, among other things, are different than they are in Asheville. There's a metafilter meetup in the works; those are always awesome and I am, once I get past the flight terror, completely psyched and excited. However, remember that I do not have a laptop. Therefore, unless I borrow one, which I might, there will be no blogging until I return. But there's always Twitter from the phone, so never fear, I will still be one of those annoying 21st century overwired people. Westward ho! Or something like that.

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