Monday, February 01, 2010

Ah Cabin Fever

Yesterday I woke up full of energy - that's always alarming. I suited up in many layers and walked with the camera to Izzys, a coffeeshop on Haywood Road about a mile from my house. It was pretty awesome - I forget how delightful walks without the dogs can be. I had a cup of coffee and sat on the porch and smoked a cigarette and decided to bring Annie over some coffee and a bagel, so I did that. Walking down an icy, deserted road balancing a tray of coffees on one hand is fun. No, really, it is, I swear. You sort of feel like the Uber Waitress - the Server God - and Annie, when she came to the door, was properly astonished and delighted when I said, "Did you order some coffee?"

So that was all good and then I walked all the way home, happily jazzed from the coffees and the snow and the exercise and the fact that I didn't hurt myself or the camera when I slipped on Annie's street, which had everything in common with an Olympic skating rink except the Zamboni. I had two more cups of coffee when I got home because by this time I was sort of more coffee than person, a highly entertaining situation and I felt, why stop? Thus I did all the laundry and vacuumed the house and watered and cut back - really cut back. Perhaps cut back too much. - all the houseplants and cleaned up the porch and went to Sam's Club to buy junk food and then I fixed the leak on the porch roof by stapling a couple of gallon sized plastic bags to it (they were full of ice this morning, which was kind of cool in a creepy wow that's a lot of ice man I need a roofer kind of way. Then I vibrated around for a while complaining about how bored I was. Drugs are great, aren't they?

Today has been nowhere near as productive. I only get one day like that a month at the most, so, hey, I feel that getting the computer/guest/Audrey's room into shape, which it is now, after much cursing and heaving of furniture and vacuuming, is enough. I also replaced the gallon zip lock bags with a large stapled trash bag, which is filling up with roof water even now. It strikes me that perhaps this is not an ideal long term solution but that goddamn leak has resisted all Adam's best efforts for over a year now and, short of replacing the whole porch roof which would cost money I do not have, I can't come up with a better solution. Anyway, it looks kind of cool in a fairly terrible way.

All this snow sponsored activity has been great, but, jesus, enough already. Somebody on Twitter said that they didn't realize I lived in Duluth and actually neither did I, assuming that the twitterite meant by this that I should not live in a cold and snowy place, with which sentiment I heartily agree. Of course, it could have just been some kind of random twitter comment that made no sense. One never knows. What is Duluth, anyway? Is it cold there? I'm not really interested enough to google it. I usually say the Yukon, myself, a lovely word that not only summons up images of Yukon Cornelius and Mr. Neutron, but just sounds cold and snowy. Although given our new, improved weather here, perhaps we can all just use Asheville as shorthand for too much snow now.

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