Friday, January 22, 2010

yet another photo of sunrise over the french broad river

Well, here it is Friday evening and I'm at work, where I'm tallying up people who are wandering into the museum in between listening to jazz. It's kind of restful, actually. Tomorrow I'm going to the winter warmer brew fest, which is thoroughly awesome, because I won tickets and so it means free beer, which is one of my very, very favorite things. Also, oysters, another favorite thing.

How did I win tickets? Well. This is mildly embarrassing, but the truth is that I entered by signing up for a profile at the Mountain Express' personals site, which is still in its infancy, so the odds on me being the one to win the tickets were good - I mean, like one out of eight good. Odds I can get behind! And, so, for the price of free beer and oysters, here I am on another dating site. Nobody so far has contacted me - well, to be fair they've only got about eight people on the site - but I have high hopes.

I don't know why the hell I have these hopes, high or low as the case may be, since I've never had any luck at all on dating sites and in the last few years it's only gotten worse. It used to be that I would at least go out on some awkward and unhappy dates or once in a great while meet somebody who was kind of interesting a couple of times, but as my age advances so do my contacts diminish, until finally nobody wants to meet me except a polygamous bisexual transvestite truck driver from Atlanta, who, to be fair, was thoroughly charming and it's probably too bad that I am so narrow minded and square. See, I don't do long distance anymore. I also no longer date people who are more than 15 years older than me - the other demographic who occasionally makes a halfhearted flirtatious gesture my way - because I'm just getting too old for that nonsense.

We'll see. I have this New Years Resolution - I'll give you a hint: I've already done resolutions in other years that had to do with drugs (do more) and rock n' roll (go to more shows) - and there's only eleven months left, here. You see, my involuntary sanctity has grown wearisome: the poverty, chastity and obedience (to the dogs, I think, I can't quite figure that one out otherwise) thing is getting on my nerves. Ergo, dating sites.

While I'm bitching about that, let me add that poverty too is overrated: I'm looking for some freelance work if you know of any. I can write, more or less, and I also know my way around a spreadsheet. I need a bit more income - in the new century, one job is not enough - as well as the occasional date.

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Anonymous said...

"See, I don't do long distance anymore. I also no longer date people who are more than 15 years older than me"

Thank God. Otherwise...