Thursday, January 14, 2010


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It is this child's birthday today and she is whoa very old - 27 - which makes me very old as well. We - the daughter, the son and me - went to Zambras and had tapas and a bottle of wine and it was lovely. And Audrey got carded on her 27th birthday and she is flying high on that one as would we all be.

I cannot believe it has been 27 years since I carried that baby with a shock of thick black hair home from the hospital. I wasn't sure why they were letting teenage me leave the hospital with a baby when I knew nothing about babies - my ex husband whispered, "They haven't asked us for any money yet. Do you think we can do this for free? Birth and boogie?" - and yet we made it: here she is and she is wonderful. I am proud and amazed and now that all these years have passed she's my best friend and that too is amazing. And not much has changed: she woke up this morning and complained that Django was between the mattress and the wall and it was more or less the same as when she woke up around age 7 and complained that Andy the cat was on her face: "I opened my eyes and all I could see was fur!"

Well. This parenthood thing. I am the richer for it and, I believe, so is the world. This is my daughter, who works with the kids that most of us never see or know about, who spends her life making sure that children with all kinds of disabilities get a little better every day. I am so proud of her I could burst and today she is 27.



Happy Birthday to Audrey! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and so are you. I said to you in New Orleans that you are a godsend to those of us with younger offspring, and I stand by it now. Happy Birthday to Audrey. Happy Audrey's birth anniversary to you, Fliss, her awesome Mom.

I'm sorry to hear about your boiler challenges, grar, but glad it's better now.

I hope the warmer weather finds you soon, and I'm sorry that I live so far away. Please give our best to Jay when you next see him.

(That chick who likes pool and booze and punk rock dancing. One of my happiest NO memories is getting to meet you.)

Best wishes to you and yours.

Jenn said...

That last paragraph made me cry.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Happy, happy, Audrey!
What a gorgeous photo (of a beautiful lady). I thought it was a painting at first.

Anonymous said...

A touch of the old Dutch masters - sort of cross between Velasquez and Rembrandt.