Sunday, January 03, 2010


no loiterin
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It's cold outside. It's so fucking cold here, actually, that it is colder than it is in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the town which has been my personal touchstone for over the top coldness since my friend Alia, who used to live there, called in early October to report that it was 13 degrees and snowing. Hah! 13 degrees! It is as nothing! It was below 0 this morning here - and it is not supposed to improve. Hell, it was around 50 in my house - remember that I have no real heat, only electric space heaters and weep with me now while I reveal that my December electric bill was for $200 - and I couldn't even drag myself out of bed to start baking for several hours. Tomorrow I have to go back to work after my delightful stresscation and I'm not sure if I can face 7:00 am and below freezing. This is ridiculous.

On the other hand, the furnace guy is supposed to show up tomorrow morning! Wheee! I'll believe it when I see it. I also hope the furnace doesn't take a week to install. Last night the pipes going to the washer froze and so I have had to sacrifice one space heater to the stupid insane outside plumbing closet (genius idea of the previous owners of my house, aka the Krazy Karpenters) in order to safeguard the rest of the pipes. That means it will be even colder in here come Monday. I can hardly wait,.

In other,scattered and disjointed, news, Susan had a lovely New Years Eve party which was tons of fun from which I am only slowly recovering even still; to combat the cold I have been baking again - healthy cookies, among other things, much to the disappointment of my children and actually they are far too healthy, it is true - and so what with that, all the beer and the party food, I am well on my way to storing up enough fat to make it through the three months of hibernation I believe I need right around now. The fish are still alive and the aquarium looks nice; I would like to get more fish but I am afraid that they would freeze on their way across the parking lot from the store to my car. Audrey should be all moved out of her house by the end of next week thanks to Adam and, last but not at all least, my friend Ray has invited me to Charleston to see Flogging Molly in February and I think I will go. Happy New Year again! One great thing about this weather is that I can't leave the house to spend any money!

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