Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick News Bites!

meet my fish 2
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1. Look, the fish are still alive! But the dogs ate the fish food - dogs love fish food; I know this, but I still left it where they could get it. I wonder if I can feed the fish tiny bits of Italian sausage or something until I make it back to the pet store? The fish food, by the way, was excitingly multi colored and all in tiny perfect circles as if somebody had cut it out of huge sheets of fish food with a hand held hole punch, sort of the way I think political prisoners make confetti in dank extraplanetary dungeons. That's why you shouldn't buy confetti, by the way, it's all just too ironic: all those prisoners, the dungeon, the sheets of happy colored paper, the hole punch and the dismal thought of all the parties with confetti that those prisoners just won't be attending, because they never use confetti in extraplanetary prisons, even on the guards' birthdays. Maybe they throw fish food sometimes.

2. Audrey is almost totally all moved out of her house. Yesterday we went over and packed the last stuff (including many of my books) into boxes. There is no heat at her old house and it's difficult to pack boxes while wearing giant fuzzy yeti paw mittens, but all tasks are manageable if you do them with a bloody mary in a Sigg bottle.

3. Annie is 81! I made a chocolate cake on Saturday and took it over there on Sunday for her.

4. The furnace guy came! Hurrah! I wasn't here but fortunately Adam, who is turning the downstairs room into a really snazzy little apartment, first for Audrey and eventually for rent, was, which was handy, since he let them in. The new boiler is here and it is tiny, tiny, tiny. If it was pink, it would look like a Barbie furnace. Barbie dream house needs an expensive Barbie dream condensing boiler! It is literally about 1/3 the size of the old boiler and I'm not sure if that's good or not. I suppose it is good, but when you are spending that much money on something, you kind of want it to be hulking and gigantic. I suppose instead I must settle for it being dauntingly high tech and I guess it is - furnace by Apple. iBoiler! Holds MP3s, annoying ringtones and warms up the house.

5. I also made a really strange coffee cake. It turns out that if you have a recipe for coffee cake that asks for one type of seasonal fresh fruit and it's January when nothing is fresh except possibly raisins so you decide to go ahead and dump a year old bag of frozen mixed fruit into the batter, you may have made a culinary error. What you get is a kind of Martian coffee cake: it's not bad, exactly, it's just very, very strange. It also turns out that there's a reason people hardly ever cook whole grapes and chunks of honeydew melon and that reason is that they become quite unsettling when cooked. Quite.


hack said...

Happy Birthday to Annie! She's now the same age as my Dad.

Just wondering, did you mean to skip #4, was it an accident, or did you maybe write something that you decided to erase? ;-)

mygothlaundry said...

Whoops, there is no number four. I am number two. You are number seven. There is no number four. ;-)

mygothlaundry said...

Which is to say, I forgot to put in a number 4. But now there is one.

hack said...

And a good one it is! Glad you'll have central heat again. :-)