Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Tuesday

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1. If you google images of water drops (just in case, you know, you are the kind of person who is looking to steal one for a flyer for a small event, not that you would ever do such a terrible thing) you will discover that the iconic image of the shape of a rain or tear drop is actually totally false. When they're photographed, they're spheres. You will also discover that nobody ever photographs the damn things without the impact ring underneath them, either, probably because they don't look like much without it. Lots of people, however, photoshop planets and hearts and stuff into the watery spheres. That was probably cute the first time.

2. When I was little and used to ask my father where my mother was, he would say "She joined the Russian navy and is cruising deep under the arctic ice pack in a nuclear submarine." This drove me crazy at the time but now I think it was funny as hell.

3. Leaving a white sweater in the backseat of your car when you own three large muddy dogs is insane. Hell, owning a white sweater and three dogs is insane. We won't even go into the madness of combining a mostly black wardrobe with a mostly white cat.

4. Yesterday I did not mean to dis the use of cream of mushroom soup or onion soup mix in any or possibly even all recipes. I am one of the worlds' major users of cream of mushroom soup, myself - why, just two nights ago it formed part of the base of my chicken pot pie and a couple days before that it was a founding ingredient in a weird but quite tasty faux Mexican casserole thingy (which also incorporated half a jar of totally artificial orange chee-zee dip, so there.) And how could one make tuna casserole or white trash green bean casserole (1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can green beans, 1 can french fried onion crunchees, 30 minutes, 375 degrees, frighteningly delicious) without it? As far as I'm concerned canned cream of mushroom soup came to us straight from culinary heaven itself. What I meant to dis was those who put recipes up on the internet without any measurements or time or temperatures. They suck. Also, you should always at least pretend to add one vegetable, like an onion, which is not a particularly vegetably vegetable but gives you some small vague cooking cred. Oh and my meat is still gone. Gone, baby, gone! I had to go buy another one and now I have to manage to brown it at 8 in the morning tomorrow, which seems somehow difficult and is one of the reasons I am not a huge crock pot fan.

5. I have discovered a song that I cannot stop listening to. Goodbye Dreaming Fields by Martin Newell. I believe it may just be the perfect song. Naturally, it took 16 years for me to find out about it.

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