Friday, October 23, 2009

The Legend of the Seeker

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My son and I share a mildly addictive personality and it has surfaced again with our sudden and shameful inability to stop watching episodes of Legend of the Seeker on Netflix Watch It Now or whatever they call that crack like ability they now have to pipe second rate shit directly onto your computer. Boy howdy, this is some second rate shit, too, or possibly even third or fourth rate shit but somehow, we just can't stop dialing new episodes up on the monitor.

Why is that? Partly it's the audience participation angle - we know exactly what's going to happen next! It's exciting! What with my many wasted years spent reading every half assed fantasy novel that comes down the pike and my son's long experience with fantasy based video games and way too much TV (acquired after he got too old for my careful parental strictures to work anymore, I'll have you know. His TV watching was rationed and monitored when he was little Well, sort of. He is the second child.) we can pretty much figure out precisely what each character is going to say next. If we're wrong, it's usually because our line was better. And the plots are so see through that they are laughable. Every single episode is 43 minutes of MST3King delight, plus, every single one features a ridiculous sword fight in slow motion. Bad sword fighting in slow motion is something that we both agree is just the purest of awesome. We shout Slow Motion Now! and then crack up as the hero and heroine dutifully polish off about 20 attacking minions of evil, very slowly with a lot of bonus jumping slowly into the air, the better for their clothes to flap around slowly and artistically. Yes, I highly recommend the Legend of the Seeker if you are into slow sword fights, utterly predictable and often quite funny plot lines and reekingly terrible dialogue. The gods know we're hooked.

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