Friday, October 16, 2009

The Joys of Being Boring

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In fifteen minutes or so I'm going to the library and then to the Ingles - the one on Haywood Road, often referred to as the 3rd World Ingles or, more simply, the Shingles. It is my favorite Ingles, for what it's worth, because it is still small and I can find everything. I hate the giant soul destroying Ingleses with their coffee bars and wide aisles and gas stations and video rentals and what not, no, they are not for me. Give me the tiny, grubby Ingles crammed with a weird cross section of humanity - I have seen, at different times, everything from tiny angry Russian grandmothers to furious followers of hiphop style to super dreaded hippies in my Ingles, all coexisting in peace - that is my neighborhood supermarket. However, I'm going to the downtown library, not the West Asheville one. Localism can only take you so far.

You would think I would be all bummed out about this given that it is Friday night and all but in fact I am thrilled, practically bouncing out of my seat with joy at the prospect of my errands and then, gods be praised, home. Home where it is sort of warm, or will be once I make a quiche and I can put on pyjamas and toss the dogs off the big chair and just sit and read. Yeah, I'm boring but I don't think that's wrong when it makes me so very happy.

In other news, I have absolutely not one single idea for a Halloween costume this year. Last year I was Ogga the cave girl, which was awesome, but I try not to repeat. The year before that I believe I sort of didn't bother with Halloween and perhaps it was the year before that that I was Trash, which was a good costume idea that I completely stole from my friend Dianna. I wore clothes made out of trash bags and also torn fishnets, bright red lipstick and beer cans. This year, unless I suddenly get inspired, I think I'll just wear some of the weirder things in my wardrobe and be myself, only more so. In other words, kind of like the Halloween years ago when I meant to go as the snake goddess but forgot all the rubber snakes, so I was just a girl in a weird dress. A girl with huge pupils, not, of course, that there would ever have been LSD involved in a decision like that or innocent twenty something me would ever have been involved in such terrible things. Hee. I will never forget that Halloween, because as my friend Linda and I moved around downtown Charleston, which was more, um, dreamlike than usual, some people in regular preppie clothes hooted at us. Without missing a beat, Linda yelled "Nice costumes! You look just like yuppies!" and I laughed for several hours. This halloween is unlikely to beat that. Because, as I mentioned, I'm boring.


leah mcgrath - Ingles Dietitian said...

I thought the Haywood Rd one was called "H-INGLES" (hingles)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Boring? Hardly.