Sunday, December 21, 2008


cloud and electricity
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The QOB seems to be very happy to be in her house. All the shades are down and it's about 80 degrees in there, which would send me right round the bend in short order, but oh well. Meanwhile, M and I have successfully moved the computer into what was her room and what will now be the study / crafts / studio / guest room, which is kind of asking a lot of an approximately 10' x 10' room that's painted an unfortunate shade of blue. I want to put a table in here but I may be insane. Also, it's directly across from my bedroom, which is going to make me unhappy on those nights when M, at 3 am, feels compelled to yell "Fucking MOVE" at the other people playing Zombie Counterstrike. However, it's no longer in front of the window that got blazing morning sun, which was a good idea in theory and not so much in practice.

Anyway, I'm currently torn by various doubts. My brother stopped by and of course, both of us at various times last night woke up terrified and thinking we should rush over to the QOB's to make sure she was okay. But we didn't and she is okay, so I'm trying to just step back from that particular doubt and let what happens, happen. It's the other two doubts that are getting me, therefore, I shall share them with you, semi anonymous internet and see what you think.

1. Should I go get a big fishtank for the QOB for Christmas? I went and talked with the nice people at the fancy fish store today and sheesh, this is more complicated than filling up a bowl with water and dumping a couple fish in. It's also a LOT of money and then what if she doesn't like it? You never know what she will like and not like. She likes to paint fish and she likes to sit and watch things move about slowly, so you'd think it would be win/win but on the other hand she is, as I eventually figured out, squicked out by lizards and bugs and always liable to take completely against things. Then I'd be out like $200 bucks and have to have a fishtank myself, which would not be tragic, exactly, but would be a big old pain. Also, I have to work on Christmas Eve, which will make getting her out of her house and setting up a fishtank secretly a bit problematic. Hmmm. But, if I don't do the fish, WTF do I do?

2. I'm thinking about renting a house on Folly Beach for the week after Christmas and just going down to walk along the sand and look at porpoises and let the dogs run in and out of the tide. The dogs have never ever been to the beach. I need salt water and salt air but at the same time, argh, money and can I even find a house and who will take care of Pebble and keep an eye on the QOB and it's not like there aren't 10000 things here in Asheville that could benefit from my attention. So I am torn there as well. And also, sheesh, can't I find anywhere else to go than Charleston? Yes it would be fun to see some of my friends who are there but at the same time, perhaps I should think about going somewhere new and different for a change? Hmmmm.

And those are my dilemmas, along with the burning question of whether that table will fit in here or not and whether I should try to have Christmas dinner in the living room on a borrowed table or what. At least the menu is settled: Cornish game hens, risotto, asparagus. That will work.


occhiblu said...

You said she liked the relaxation channel. Does she have a TV and DVD player or VCR? Can you just get a tape/DVD of fish swimming around?

I don't feel like *I* am together enough to deal with an aquarium. (The cat, at least, aggressively gets my attention when I forget to feed her.) I'm not sure the QOB would be ok with the upkeep required.

haskell said...

There's a dog-friendly rental on Folly that advertises in the back of the Mountain Express, It's 1/2 a block from the beach, 1/4 mile from the county park...but it's gonna be too cold to swim.

I'd nix the aquarium. How about one of those faux aquaria, i.e. animated digital pictures of fish?

Anonymous said...

I'd nix the aquarium too, but then again, I'm not pro-aquarium, as the life span of a fish is too short for me to deal with. I just walk by afraid to look at them, lest something has died. So I may be biased. Still, it sounds like a lot of work.

Also, come visit me! I'm not off the week after Christmas, though. You could come to my office with me and sit at the desk of someone on vacation and do art projects. Or hang out with my husband. Or come visit some time in the Spring or Summer. My dog might eat your dogs, too. But I have been meaning to ask. It sounds like you could use a getaway.

- rainbaby

Lori said...

An aquarium seems like a lot for the QOB.

How about a Beta fish? The beta fish in a vase with a plant seem to be everywhere. Betas are low-maintenance. Or, you could plant a new rosebush in her yard, or install a bird feeder and bird bath, or both.

A week on the beach sounds wonderful. Have a great Christmas whatever you do.

mygothlaundry said...

Thanks, y'all. Yes, I nixed the aquarium in favor of the whole set of Planet Earth with David Attenborough which has the many advantages of being cheaper and way lower maintenance. As for going away, the jury's still out, but alas, the tides are running against it, as the costs of propane are high and the resources are low. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Alternately: many small, separated fishbowls with Betas aka Siamese Fighting Fish. Cheap, trivial to care for, minimal upkeep, stunningly pretty.