Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am off work all this week and having one of those despised new things, a staycation. Which used to just be called being home for the week but now is apparently worthy of its own creepy name. I am cool with that, though, because I have a project: I'm going to paint the kitchen. Not only am I going to paint the kitchen, I'm going to fancily faux finish the kitchen in Tuscan something or other, which I got completely sucked into by Lowes. I'm also going to paint the little room, but that's boring and going to just be white rather than the terrible terrible blue it is now. The Tuscan thingie is going to be completely awesome, or, well, one hopes it will be completely awesome and not an unmitigated disaster. I'm also putting stickery vinyl dots all over the bathroom, which sounds ghastly but believe me, is better than the stripes and scary floral border that's there now.

It's good to have a project. I have several going and I ordered some stuff from Etsy to complete project number two, which is drawer pulls. After I finish painting the kitchen all faux Tuscan goldish yellow, I will need to paint the cabinets some other alarming color that I haven't decided on yet and then I will give them all amazingly fabulous handmade drawer pulls and lo, my kitchen will be a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Or a bilious nightmare. Whatever, at least I have something to do this week that isn't organizing and cleaning teenage wasteland and the garage, which would be no fun at all.

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